Gary Kavanagh character rigging demo reel. Except where stated otherwise for most work shown my part in the process was limited to character or creature rigging for the named character or creature, usually as the predominate rigger for that character but in a collaborative environment that often had some overlap with others on the character tech art team and with the aid of shared toolsets. For the turtle character Hoshi featured I did modeling, rigging and animation for the character. In God of War in-game sequences shown, the rigging work of the protagonist Kratos himself was predominately preformed by others and the sequences are shown for my involvement in rigs of characters and creatures he fights or interacts with in the scenes and environments shown.

Music featured: 
Gerard K. Marino: "Colossus of Rhodes" from the God of War II soundtrack
Psilodump: "jag minns inte (original mix)" from the album Memory Loss